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Live: True Widow @ The Parish – Austin, TX

With lighting as dark and moody as their music, True Widow would prove to be one of the more challenging shows I have shot.

Live: The Vettes @ The Parish – Austin, TX

So I was pretty excited when I heard my fellow Louisianian’s, The Vettes, were playing at The Parish. These guys (and gal) really rock live, and their performances never disappoint.

Live: The Shears @ The Parish – Austin, TX

I didn’t know much about The Shears going into this show, but this Austin group was a lot of fun to shoot.

Live: Love at 20 @ The Parish – Austin, TX

With lighting as moody and lush as their sound, Love at 20’s set at The Parish was a challenge to say the least.

Live: The Daze @ The Parish – Austin, TX

With whaling guitar solos and a thick groove, local Austin outfit The Daze brought tons of energy to The Parish last Thursday night.

Event: Open House @ The Parish – 8/31/10

Event: Open House @ The Parish - 8/31/10

The Parish in downtown Austin, which is known worldwide for its sound and live concert space, held an open house on Tuesday night to show off their newly renovated space to prospective event planners.

Live: The Wooden Birds @ The Parish – Austin, TX

Andrew Kenny is better known as the brains and voice behind indie favorites the American Analog Set.  I was fortunate enough to catch his current project, The Wooden Birds, last week at The Parish in downtown Austin.

Live: Dan Mangan @ The Parish – Austin, TX

You would think after driving 3 days straight, from Canada to Austin, TX, that Dan Mangan would be more fit to hit the bed than to hit the stage.  You would be wrong.  This Canadian didn’t drive all that way to disappoint.  Dan and his band put on an amazing show, complete with singalongs and […]

Live: Peter Wagner @ The Parish – Austin, TX

Peter Wagner is better known as the front man for Austin indie veterans, The Mercers.  I was lucky enough to catch him in a rare acoustic set in support of The Wooden Birds and Dan Mangan.  The lighting for this set was low, but Peter’s voice and sincerity shown through.