Fashion: Elena Wright wearing Amanda deLeon

Elena Wright Trenchcoat - Amanda deLeon

When I transitioned from my old site to this new one, I lost quite a few of my posts due to errors in the migration process.  I could have gone through the trouble of retrieving them all, but I thought since this was a new start, and my old blog received very little attention from me, I would just start fresh.  So far, I have been pretty pleased with that decision, but I really missed having one particular shoot on the site.

In May of 2009 I was asked by my wife (fashion designer Amanda deLeon) to shoot her current collection.  It was a really fun day and we ended up with quite a few really great shots.  Here are a few of my favorite images, of two of my favorite looks from the day.  After the images, I’ll talk about the lights used and the look we were trying to achieve with each one.

Elena Wright Trenchcoat - Amanda deLeon

Elena Wright Swimsuit - Amanda deLeon

Elena Wright Swimsuit - Amanda deLeon

Thoughts & Shooting Notes

Going into the day, I knew things would probably go pretty smoothly.  I was working with a client I know, a model who I had worked with several times and we really weren’t pressed for time.  So, with the usual obstacles pretty much out of the way, we could really focus and take time getting the shots/looks that we wanted.

For the trenchcoat, we really wanted to utilize a feature that the venue had available, which was a huge bus.  Yes, this bar had a huge antique bus (or half of one actually) inside that was normally used as a VIP area + DJ booth.  The colors of the bus really worked well with the coat, and it gave a sense that the model was outside.  In post, I wanted to give the images a “retro” feel, and I think we were able to accomplish that pretty well.

The swimsuit (bodysuit) is a really futuristic/progressive design, and I really wanted to play off of that theme.  I decided to go with fairly hard lighting, utilizing a large beauty dish with mono-light positioned overhead and a second mono-light with reflector for rim/fill lighting.  In post, I wanted to really accentuate the shadows and really smooth out the skin to give the model an almost extraterrestrial look.

Overall, I was really happy with the images we were able to produce from this session.  There are quite a few more, but these are my favorite from the day.

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