Band Portraits: Squint – Austin, TX

Squint Band Portrait - Austin, TX

One hundred degree Texas heat + one rock band + a storage facility = a whole lot of fun.

I’ve known the guys from Squint for quite some time and after moving to Austin, I knew I had to shoot these guys.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Squint Portrait Shoot - Austin, TX

Squint band portrait shoot - Austin, TX

Squint band portrait - Austin, TX

Thoughts and Shooting Notes:

The corridors in Squint’s practice space created a great backdrop for these portraits.  The interior shots were lit with a Paul C Buff X1600 shot through a beauty dish at camera left.  I also had an X1600 w/ reflector directly behind the subjects and another hot-shoe flash directed down the hallway.  The back-lighting really did a lot to give the images some depth and make the red doors pop.  I also had a silver reflector at camera light for some fill lighting.

The outdoor shot was lit with a beauty dish at camera left, a hot-shoe flash for some back-lighting and a silver reflector at camera right for some fill.

Thanks to the guys from Squint for being such awesome subjects, and braving the heat for the few outside takes.  You guys are champs.

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  1. Rick Ricozzi says:

    These are awesome. Love your lighting, especially that last one. Glad the Austin move is working out. Looks like you and Amanda hit the ground running. Have a great journey!

    • kevin says:

      Thanks so much Rick. Yeah, the move to Austin has been amazing so far. Trying to keep busy, and really push ourselves. If you are ever interested in making a trip, we’d love to have you out for a visit!

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